Anita Schretlen

I manage a couple of Shopify sites for my artisan sister - and We've been on Shopify for a long time, but I'm still always learning! I come to e-commerce with a strategy background.

New Arrivals

How do people handle creating a New Arrivals collection on their homepage? It seems creating a collection that automatically picks up the last 20 (for example) most recently added items should be easy but it seems an app is needed (as fas as I can tell). Anyone have one they can suggest? Thanks!

Google reviews

Hi all, Is there a way to easily export Google reviews so that I can upload them to the Shopify Product Reviews app? I feel like this should be easy enough, but can't see how to do it. Thanks in advance!

Store Owner - Leather goods

Hi all! My name is Anita and I manage a couple of Shopify stores for my leather artisan sister. The main business is Rimanchik - handmade leather belts, watches, bags, wallets, bracelets, etc. The second is more of a passion project that we never have time for, Stinger Straps - premium leather guitar straps. Both stores are also on Etsy. We've been at this for a while now, so happy to help others with the basics and hoping to learn from the experts! 

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