Anita Schretlen

I manage a couple of Shopify sites for my artisan sister - and We've been on Shopify for a long time, but I'm still always learning! I come to e-commerce with a strategy background.
ο»Ώ Irina ο»ΏΒ Thanks Irina. I wanted the collection to be automatic. In the end (in case others are looking) I created a collection of all my products, sorted by most recently added, and then created a homepage section where I feature only the first 10 items from the collection. Easy. And no app needed!
ο»Ώ Jonathan Kennedy ο»ΏΒ Thanks, I'll check it out!
Besides the Channel apps, our top apps at are Langify translation, Shopify Product Reviews, Order Printer, Rewind, Tidio. And I am finally making the move from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. We keep things pretty basic.
ο»Ώ Jonathan Kennedy ο»ΏΒ Yes! I remember meeting you and Polina as well. Happy to be here!