Will McLellarn

Shopify+, Headless and StoreAlarm.io

My Shopify Journey

Hey guys! I'm Will McLellarn and I'm based out of Denver, CO. I've been in the Shopify world for 4 years now, started out selling Shopify Apps at Sumo as a SaaS salesperson, then I did marketing consulting for a few merchants, and ended up in house at one I loved, Perfect Keto for a few years. 

I left that role a few months ago as I've been teaching myself to code for the last few years - which now enables me to do technical consulting for Shopify+ and Headless merchants, and also develop apps with a partner of mine.

We're launching storealarm.io in a few weeks and I'm really excited to dive down the rabbit hole of helping merchants keep an eye on their stores. I know this is a problem I had in the past!

I'd be happy to chat anytime on all sides of Shopify, from growth marketing, to learning Ruby and liquid, to the product development process. Especially in wellness + supplements, that's sort of my niche.

Excited to meet you all, let's rock!
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