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Category & Search Filters based on Metafields

Hello Shoptalkers. Do any of you guys have information when Shopify will introduce the possibility to define the category and search filters also based on created metafields?

This missing feature has prevented us yet from switching to the OS.2 version of the theme we use. Filtering on tags is not supported any more and now based on the standard introduced with OS.2. But right now only price, vendor and a up to 3 product options can be used to define filter criteria.
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Pagination Options for Collections & Search Results

Hello Community, hope youโ€™re well.

Curious what pagination options you guys use / prefer for large collections and search results, letโ€™s say for 40 - 400 products? How do you think about it as a star owner, developer or user?

Basically, most shops / themes use the default โ€žPage Linksโ€œ. Thus, a certain number of products in your collection or search results got loaded and shown. Once the shopper has viewed, say, the first 40 products, he or she would have to click a โ€œnextโ€ button or navigate to the next page through pagination links, which have one number for each page of products. A user can click on any number to skip ahead or backward when browsing products. Personally, I am not a big fan of that approach. While it looks pretty clean, the number of shown products is always bit of limited and the user is really forced to take actions in order to navigate through the pages of a collection.

One alternative approach is infinite scrolling. This technique detects when the users reaches the end of the first group of items and automatically loads the next group without requiring any action on the part of the user. Main disadvantage of infinite scrolling is that it makes it difficult for users to access any content that might be below the collection listing โ€” whether this is another section or the footer. Also, this approach may have some impacts on your SEO strategy.

A good alternative to getting around such limitations is to use a โ€œload moreโ€ pagination type option. Instead of automatically loading products when the user reaches the end of a group, a simple โ€žload moreโ€œ button is shown. When clicked, then additional products will get loaded in the collection or search results. While this approach does require the user to take an additional action, it may be a good compromise that eliminates the concern with being unable to access the footer information, so itโ€™s definitely recommended if your footer contains key information that will help shoppers build trust in your store.
Similar to the infinite scroll, the โ€œload moreโ€ button doesnโ€™t require a page refresh, which does help make your site seem a bit more slick. Itโ€™s worth noting, however, that the โ€œload moreโ€ button still only loads products on demand, so it could be an issue if youโ€™re concerned about internal page links for SEO purposes.

As said above, would love to learn how you think of it? Have you noticed different results / buyer behaviour with different pagination options? What do you prefer from a user perspective.

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Hello & Cheers from Germany

Hello Community. Thx for the invitation to this channel. My name is Mario from Glanzberg Passion Wein, a Germany-based online shop for fine wines from well-known winemakers and the stars of tomorrow. Great wines for more passion in the glass. The focus is on wines from Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In 2018 we moved our shop to the Shopify platform and have been using OOTS Turbo theme since then. We decided recently to move to Archetype Impulse. While we were just doing some customizations in the background Archetype launched its brand new Expanse theme. One look was all it took to download and evaluate it. One day later we ordered it. While Turbo is still the published theme, I started to apply a couple of tweaks to the Expanse theme. Further optimisations are likely to be implemented with external help.

Hope to have everything sorted until end of the months to publish Expanse plus a couple of updates on our site.

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