Mathieu McFadden

Entrepreneur - GM @ChocoSolTraders

Third party review apps

Curious how we feel about third party Review apps like Yopto Vs. the shopify built in one. Β  I used to use yopto, and have downgraded as the designer on my site rebuild didn't like the aesthetic of the reviews.Β  I think they serve a pretty good cause for customers though - What I didn't like was the constant pestering emails from yopto to my customers to review - I am looking to callibrate that, but what do you folks think?Β 

Β Customer review on consumer products pretty important?Β  rely solely on Google reviews?Β  Β  Β I'm split,Β  and I have been accruing reviews-Β  I have about 600 5 star product reviews, and a bit (25) under 3 stars so it paints a pretty good picture of my product/company.