Francis Pilon

Partnerships @ LimeSpot

Hello Shoptalk!

πŸ‘‹Β  A bit about me
  • I am the Head of Partnerships at LimeSpot - a suite of personalization tools for Shopify and BigCommerce merchants.
  • Prior to this role, I have founded and co-owned an ecommerce agency for many years.
  • On my spare time, I like to put on my merchant hat on and work with the BUCK N' BASS team 🎣
🌱  What I can help with
  • I am always happy to make introductions and help people find the resources they need to be successful
🚧  What I need help with
  • I appreciate to be informed of good use-cases for app integrations that don't (yet) exist and solve real problems.
πŸ€” Β One thing I learned recentlyΒ 
  • Asking for feedback creates a critic. Asking for advice creates a partner.
🀝  Let’s connect:

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