TJ de Wit

Social Media Expert
I run multiple large social media accounts.

Looking for a 3PL who can help me with the situation I'm in.


I'm looking for a 3PL who can help me with the situation I'm in.

My expertise is growing all kinds of social media accounts and I now have a total of 430k+ followers (and still growing rapidly) in the alternative fashion niche. I have not launched my website yet because I first need to find a reliable 3PL.

My following base is mainly from the United States and the Netherlands so I want to place two orders. One to the 3PL's warehouse and another one to my address in the Netherlands. The 3PL can fulfill all the US orders and I will fulfill all the orders from the Netherlands.

I have already found a few 1688 suppliers who have the 'alternative' clothing pieces my followers love so much. I want to pick one of them and have the 3PL place two small orders, both around $400 (these orders will include multiple different clothing pieces) to get some feedback from my followers first. My idea is to grow my business based on continuous feedback. In the meantime I continue to grow my followers base via different platforms. To give you an idea, it has grown with a combined 150k+ last month.

Are there any 3PLs who can help me with this? The plan is to place bigger orders and have these handled by the same 3PL once I have received feedback from my first order.